MOMnation FB Group Rules

Welcome to MOMnationAZ!! Because these days it takes more than a village…it takes a nation

There are tons of Mom’s in the group that offer a variety of products and services. The best part about using another Mom’s services or purchasing their products is that YOU are helping to support another FAMILY instead of supporting those families that no longer need support like Sam Walton’s family. Let’s build each other up by helping each other grow and prosper. It’s a win/win. There is a #MOMboss list on the website.

We encourage all members to support the businesses of our MOMboss members but please remember MOMnation is not in any way responsible for any purchase of goods or services between our members.

Monday – The #MOMboss thread is the appropriate thread to post about your business. Any other posts will be deleted and may result in a removal from the group. Please do not PM members or add them to your group to solicit unless they have requested assistance / referrals.  Sharing your blog could be considered advertisement.  Please be sure to post it to the MOMboss Monday thread only.

Saturday – The Yard sale Saturday post is the thread to post about any items that you have for sale. Any other posts will be deleted and may result in a removal from the group.

There will be NO promoting of other groups PERIOD. If you promote another group your post will be deleted and it may result in a REMOVAL from the group. Please do not add any of our members to any groups or outside events.

ANY REQUESTS for donations or sponsorships must be approved by admin. Please do not post any “go fund me” or donation type posts without permission from admin or it may result in a REMOVAL from the group.  If you are in need of resources due to financial situations, domestic violence or any other emergency, please message admin before posting publicly to the group wall.

ANY EVENTS must be approved by admin before posting or it may result in a REMOVAL from the group.

“Admin please PM me” posts will be deleted. Please PM admin.

DO NOT POST a Pogo Pass code unless it’s our groups code: MOMNATION. It will be removed along with the member that posted any other code. It is the same with Amazon affiliate links.

NO pet rehoming, please!

We’ve attracted a few phenomenal ladies that have taken it upon their fine selves to offer a variety of events from play dates / craft dates with the kiddos, to Mom’s night out, to classes and workshops where anyone can gain skill or some new knowledge. Just check out the events page and RSVP to whatever speaks to you!

At events, BYOB means bring your own. Do not drink someone elses drinks without asking. NO refunds on tickets for any event for any reason.

This group has been built on love, trust, and support of Moms, by Moms. Drama, negativity, harassment and outright abuse of any member, their ideas, their beliefs, their questions, etc., publicly or by private message will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from this group.

Please remember that the group exists on the internet and you are responsible for your own posts.  MOMnation is not responsible in any way for any group member posts or any content provided by any group member.

This group is for MOMs only. This is NOT a public group and no one is entitled to a membership. Memberships may be withheld or revoked at our discretion and with or without an explanation. Any posts made by any member of the group may be removed at our discretion and with or without an explanation. If you have a question or comment about the group, how it operates or any of its members, PM admin as public posts may be considered abuse and will result in removal. We operate under a Board of Directors which consists of nine MOMmembers and they are responsible for all decisions.

We don’t want to restrict controversial issues. PLEASE report to admin any posts that you deem as not in alignment with the culture of this group.

Please remember that MOMnation is not responsible in any way for the advice, suggestions or actions of our members.  Please exercise appropriate caution.  If you feel another member is acting outside of our culture, please report to admin.

Thank YOU for being a part of us!

***Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in the group files.***