The Top 10 Neighborhoods in the Phoenix area 🏡

The housing market in Phoenix is warm to say the least, with just two months of available inventory Valley-wide.  That’s not much.  It’s definitely a sellers market right now.  

We pulled MLS sales stats for the first six months of 2019 to find the hottest neighborhoods and the results weigh heavily in favor of the West Valley!  



Sundance in Buckeye

Located right off the I10 with a golf course and views of the white tanks.  55+ options available.  

Homes for Sale in Sundance


Anthem Country Club in North Phoenix

A Del Webb development with many parks, clubhouses and two golf courses located about 30 miles north of Downtown Phoenix.

Homes for Sale in Anthem Country Club


CORTESSA in Waddell

At the base of the White Tank Mountains and close to the Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium & Safari Park.

Homes for Sale in Cortessa


Seville in Gilbert

There’s the Country Club, golf, dining, mountain views and more. 

Homes for Sale in Seville


Verrado in Buckeye

Verrado has it’s own “walkable” Main Street setting it apart…as if the tree-lined streets and front porches didn’t already.

Homes for Sale in Verrado 


Vistancia Village in Peoria

Water slides, a full entertainment calendar and so much more. 

Homes for Sale in Vistancia Village


Estrella Mountain Ranch in Goodyear

An amazing lake community with peaceful streets and beautiful scenery.  

Homes for Sale in Estrella Mountain Ranch


Park Scottsdale in Scottsdale

There are three Park Scottsdale communities stretching over a few miles along the 101.  It’s probably the best location in the entire Valley and, even though Park Scottsdale is an older development, many of the homes are being remodeled before they are sold.

Homes for Sale in Park Scottsdale


Arrowhead Ranch in Glendale 

Next to the 101 and the 17.  Of course there is a golf course and tennis, swimming and full fitness and spa services.

Homes for Sale in Arrowhead Ranch


Desert Mountain In Scottsdale 

Incredible amenities including tennis, spa and fitness, social and family activities.  Great for those that love hiking! 

Homes for Sale in Desert Mountain


The top selling 55+ neighborhood is Dreamland Villa in Mesa

Started by Joe and Ross Farnsworth, this 55+ Community located in Mesa has all the amenities!

Homes for Sale in Dreamland Villa


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School Lunch Bag! How to Prepare for the Cafeteria at School 🍎

Your child may only have 20 minutes to eat.

There will be volunteers to help, but waiting for them costs delicious time!

 Bring food rather relying on school lunch, at least the first couple of days. Waiting in line takes time! Wait until your child is familiar with the cafeteria and with the time allotted before trying out the cafeteria offerings.

 Pack a lunch that your child can easily open. Consider practicing at home a few times to make sure!

 Provide foods that can be eaten efficiently. Cut your fruits and veggies. Halve or quarter your sandwiches.

 Have kids help with the packing process. They will know what’s in their lunch box and can develop a plan of attack!

 Make sure you’re packing something that will look just as nice after being banged around a bit! A beautiful, nutritious lunch in the morning might not be so Pinterest worthy by lunchtime!


Well school has started. Time to get back into a school year rhythm. Back to getting things accomplished around the house. Or maybe time to get your own head back on straight with a nice bath and Netflix binge.

It’s also time to start packing lunches for your kids.

Sure, you could browse Pinterest, which will initially provide inspiration, but will eventually leave you feeling a little… less than. I mean who can keep up with this craziness?

Obviously, this is awesome, but who can come up with these ideas, never mind actually execute them, on a daily basis?

There is absolutely no need to get so elaborate. It adds pressure in an already difficult job. Of course, if you want to take advantage of an extra pot of coffee every so often and get really creative, I won’t stop you.

The good news is that you don’t have to. There are a few things you’re looking for when packing your child’s lunch. You want a mix of nutrients in order to cover your nutrition needs and keep your child’s little belly satisfied the whole day. Learning creates such an appetite!

You want to send your child with a colorful lunch. It’s beautiful, which means it’s more appetizing. Colors represent different nutrients, which means that by giving carrots, kiwis, and grape tomatoes, you’re hitting different micronutrients. This will also help protect them against all those nasty bugs that always accompany the back to school season.

Protein is important for building those muscles as they grow, but it also helps cue the brain into that fullness signal and helps keep your child going throughout the day.

Fat also signals the brain that you’re full. But fat also helps build up the nervous system, which impacts development of fine and gross motor skills. In essence, it helps build the brain!

Carbohydrates get a bad rap these days, but the truth is that the body uses carbohydrates for fuel. Our bodies take fuel that we provide as food and turns it into the only efficient form of energy that can actually be used in the body, glucose. Grains provide fiber and micronutrients that are very helpful to a hungry belly and growing body. The fiber in whole grains helps keep kids regular. The B vitamins help to release energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

But, as I explain in this Nap Time Nutrition segment, it can be too easy to make all meals grain-based. They are quick to prepare, travel well, store well, freeze well, and are readily accepted by even the most selective eaters. So, it’s important to plan your day of meals (or week, or month if you’re way more on top of this than I am) so you can have an easy visual of the variety in your nutrition.

Variety is key. In this info graphic, I have broken down school meal options into major nutrient categories to help ensure variety while keeping it simple.

And if you do really want to spice it up and you’re looking for a middle of the road type of creativity, add a note, maybe a sparkly note. Draw a cute picture to add in your kid’s lunch. Or even hit up Amazon for some Kid Pick Forks or Eyeball Toothpicks.

Health & Happiness,
Yaffi Lvova, RDN
Creating Healthy Relationships with Food
If I’ve helped you overcome a nutrition obstacle, please feel free to review me!


Want to move but not sure about the schools in other areas of town?  Contact Katie Halle Lambert with Team EvoAZ at Revelation Real Estate for school info in all areas of Phoenix and surrounding cities.
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Mom Nation Turkey Trot – Charity Event!

Our awesome members, Robin Quallick & Ashley Reed, lead our team in the 5k TURKEY TROT in Gilbert on Thanksgiving morning 11/24/16.

The proceeds are to benefit various children’s charities. (AzBrainFood is a big one).

We had a blast showing our support to our community on Thanksgiving Day!  #WeGiveBack

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Cars and Coffee – A DAD nation event!

Hey pretty mommas! Here is an event for the car lovers and also a super great way to show your significant other who may love cars that you are thankful for them!

Best part is that there will be something for everyone! Cars of every era, make, and model welcome! Plus there are some of our favorite places on Main preparing for us with delicious coffee, and breakfast, pizza, and craft beer! Could it get any better?!

This is a monthly event, every 2nd Saturday!

Hope to see all you EVM there with your EVDs!

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Movies on Main – December Showing

Bring a baked good for a vet!

Mom Nation Members please arrive at 6pm for choice seating!!  Being in Mom Nation pays off!  😉

Doors open to the public at 6:15pm and they close when we are at capacity.

This month we will be showing The Grinch! We will have a Whooville dance party! In the spirit of giving we would like to gather as many baked goods as we can. Please bring them with you to the movie so our very own MOM nation member, Jillian, can bring them to homeless vets as a holiday care package.

Anyone who brings a vet with them to the Movie will be eligible to receive a free professional photo of them and their vet together!

Please arrive early to grab a seat, a hot dog, shop for your holiday needs, and partake in some awesome raffles!

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