How our MOMs Survive on the Surface of the Sun ūüĆě

It’s getting hot in the Valley of the Sun!! ¬†Our MOMs have great tips, tricks and advice for surviving these next 5 months of heat with kiddos!

At Home:

Most of our Mama’s keep the AC set to 78. ¬†Infants are usually comfortable in thin material pajamas with long pants and sleeves especially those that are too young for bedding.

Drink water! ¬†Keep sipping water all day even if you don’t feel thirsty. ¬†It’s very easy for anyone to get dehydrated during the summer months in the Phoenix area.

Beware of the water that comes out of the faucet. ¬†Both sides will be hot and could be too hot for little hands. ¬†The same goes for the water in the garden hose. ¬†DO NOT let your child use the garden hose without running the water until it’s cool first. ¬†The water that comes out initially will be scalding.

Little feet should have shoes or sandals on at all times. ¬†Even the “kool” decking around the pool is scorching hot in the midday sun. ¬†Wear shoes while walking outside at night as well, even in the back yard. ¬†Scorpions can be found in many areas at night.

Stay away from the bees.  Summertime is bee season in Phoenix and bees could be harmful to people and animals.

For the house, sunscreens for windows and covered patios make a difference in energy efficiency and comfort.


In the Car:

Get a car seat cooler. ¬†Popular styles have pockets in the material for four or five ice packs that you place in the seat when it’s not in use. ¬†This usually keeps the car seat cool even if you are parked for several hours.

Use a sun screen in the front window. ¬†It will help keep the car a bit cooler as well as the steering wheel. ¬†If the sun isn’t beating down inside the car, usually the seatbelt buckles aren’t quite so hot. ¬†Do be sure to cover those buckles or keep them in the shade somehow. ¬†They can be branding irons for little kiddos if touched after sitting in the sun.

Get an extension hose/tube for the front AC vent so that the AC can be directed easily and more effectively from the front to the back of the car. ¬†If your car doesn’t have designated AC vents in the back, it could get very hot for your small child / baby.

Always have lots of water!  The new aluminum or stainless steel water bottles keep the water cool even when left in hot cars for hours.

Keep a light jacket or sweater in the car for both Mom and baby.  It can be very cold in stores, restaurants and grocery stores during the summer months.  This can also be used to cover up leather seats when parking in sunny areas.  Leather seats can be very uncomfortable in the heat especially with shorts on!

Never, never ever leave a baby, child or animal in a hot car even for a minute.  The temperatures are extreme and can be very dangerous.


Is your AZ home as efficient as it can be? ¬†CONTACT US¬†and ask for a free copy of the “Efficiency Cheat Sheet” for tips on energy efficiency¬†and tricks to maximize the comfort of your home and minimize your energy bill.