MOMnation exceeded my expectations

Even though I’ve only been apart of the MOMnation networking group for a few short months I have seen a definite increase in my business. I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings! The MOMnation group has certainly exceeded my expectations, with so many supportive wonderful women, all the events that they put together, tons of knowledge and fun! I am so thankful to be a member of this group.

Christle McGuiness


My name is Dominique, this is my testimony about MOMnation..

I joined the group almost two years ago, my friend added me because she knew I cleaned houses and she loved my work! Shortly after being added, jobs started to flow in, it was just at the right time because my husband had gotten very sick and I had to cover all of our bills! He had been working a full time job and we were still scrapping by, but I gave my all in every job and my referrals started to over flow, everyone was happy with my work and I was just so amazed because I was able to pay all of our bills and put food on the table! We struggled for so long even when my husband worked full time, there was a point before I was added to the group that we were out of money, out of gas and out of food, me being 7 months pregnant I panhandled, I got 8 dollars! 4$ for electricity and 4$ for gas, and our church, (where we met Christina) gave us 50$ for food, I was so tired of just making it by and my friend knew that, I don’t think either of us knew how impactful adding me to the group would be but I’m telling you, I will forever be grateful!! I’ve made so many friends and met the best moms in the group and to be honest it’s my favorite group on Facebook, if you want like minded mamas to surround your self with, meaning moms who help each other, moms who work hard and moms who want the best for they’re families, this is the group to be in, simply step out and  you’ll find that they’re are amazing women in this group! With this group, no mama will be left struggling or feeling hopeless! MOMnation Rocks!! Thanks all of you ladies that make it happen!!! ❤

I am new to MOMnation!

I am new to MOMnation but totally love it!  Feels like a smaller, targeted community of local moms.  Real life questions and support.  Its helped me to feel better connected to the community and helped me feel more supported as a mom who’s not alone going through parenting.
Thank you for the site and opportunity to win tickets to mom prom [PROM2018]!

What MOMnation means to me!

Having 3 small children it’s rough being a mom, running a business, and feeling like a human being.
MOMnation has given opportunities to take my kids to new places, like the idea museum. I don’t remember how but I wound up with a free pass and my kids were so thrilled to get out of the house and do something fun because being outnumbered I usually make them hermits! We also have had the chance to host park and splash pad play dates to meet nee friends and experience fresh air!
Last but not least, the connections and relationships I have built have made me a better person and motivated me to continue my journey of personal growth and share that with others. This has not only helped my business thrive but also built my confidence and self esteem and that is priceless. I will never be able to repay what I have gotten from being a part of such an incredible community but I am beyond proud to support our MOMnation!

MOMnation means a lot to me!

Hello!!! When I saw the post I was in awe! This [PROM2018] is such an exciting event and I cannot wait to go! MOMnation means a lot to me. A while back I had my fourth baby and finally had the chance to breastfeed. Being so new to the game, I reached out to the fellow mommies on this page for guidance, tips,  tricks. I was in so much pain and felt like a brand new mom all over again. It can be so discouraging and make you feel less than at times. I received praise for trying,  and so many encouraging words from moms just like me! For me, MOMnation is a place I can be me and not feel judged or be embarrassed. I am so honored to be a part of this group! Can’t wait to see everyone in person! Thank you for creating such an amazing environment for us to share!


MOMnation is so much more!


I joined MOMnnation after a friend suggested it for looking for sitters.  It turned out to be so much more. Everyday I’m on Facebook and I get to see moms like me…moms who struggle, moms who don’t always know what they are doing, moms who feel like they aren’t enough, and moms who just need a friend. Being a SAHM can be pretty lonely and just being apart of this group makes me feel connected to a whole group of strong women. It’s a place to vent, get help, or share silly pics from our day. Anytime I have a question or wonder “is this normal” my first choice to search momnation for other moms who’ve felt or thought like me. When I want a trusted source for where to take my business (for just about anything you can think of) I look to MOMnation. MOMnation to me means I don’t have to do this mom thing alone. That even when I’m confined to a house with two girls under 2 I have this portal to other women. I may not have met them and I might not get to but there they are ready to answer and question or offer support. I look forward to being able to meet some of these women who have taken the time to be apart of my life. I have to say that finding this group as been such a blessing!

What MOMnation means to me!

My name is Alicia I am a mom of two boys Austin and Noah. I joined MOMnation in the very beginning before it was MOMnation. I was a single mom when I first joined. I was terrified as I was pregnant at the time with my youngest Noah and I was unsure of my relationship with my boyfriend. I didn’t know many moms and I felt very alone. I remember my first Moms night at Karaoke I met the best group of Moms ever. I have become great friends with them. We have gone to Las Vegas together and done fun gatherings. Since I joined MOMNation I have made so many great friends including two of my very best friends. I have called them when I am having a hard time they have talked to me late at night when I need to vent. We hang out one of them lives down the street from me and the other is only 15 min fro my house. MOMnation has made me feel welcomed and loved I have met most my close mom friends through the group we have laughed together and cried together. I don’t know what I would do with out this group. Speed dating was my favorite as I have been able to meet and talk to so many amazing Moms I have Autism Spectrum Disorder as does my youngest son. Making friends has never been easy for me but the Moms have always accepted me for who I am. They have seen me at my worst and celebrated me at my best. Thank you MOMnation for showing me that I am still a valuable and loved person and for being my family when I need one!

MOMnation mom for life!




Who would have believed that a group of women , families and children could impact one’s life the way this one has.
Having a child at 25 I was a lone wolf … The only person having a kid in my age group. The only person with their baby at the bar and all the eyes and judgement on me. I went through alot of things as a first time mother did, yet I did them alone. I had no clue except that I loved that little human and I needed to figure it out.
Fast forward to 2014 newly married and decided to have another child. Facebook was my new friend … I knew that I wanted to do this right this time and be all natural slightly educated and not alone in my journey so I joined MOMnation!
This was before all the development in the group, back when we just would post and talk about meeting up for playdates and coffee. Maybe even a birthday party or two.
One of the very first events was mommy and me yoga session one of the moms set up, and I thank that person to this day , because I met some of my closest friends that day. Our children have and continue to grow together, as well as us as moms. Being a Mom is hard, being a whole for yourself and your family is also tough, but the love and out poor of support I have received over these years from all mom’s in this group has definitely helped me get to where I am in my journey… 2 kids later, 2 businesses,  and a bunch  of  friends later…. I am not alone, I continue to receive knowledge and love from this group and can’t thank everyone enough!!!
Thank you ,

How MOMNation has changed my life!

Shortly after having my oldest daughter I stumbled upon a mom’s group on Facebook. As a new mom my life has changed for the better, but a new sense of loneliness came over me. I needed to be apart of a tribe that could support me through this new adventure. MOMnation was the only mom’s group that I found that provided that sense of belonging without judgement. I started joining events and meeting women who understood what this journey was like with open arms. I am forever grateful for what MOMnation has done for not only me, but also my family. I’ve found my tribe!

Thank you MOMnation!

What MOMnation has meant to me!

Here is my testimony of what MOMnation has meant to me:
I have been with MOMnation for a very short time, and being new to town, it has given me the opportunity to interact/share/meet with other mamas..I attended their new members evening, not only did I find a great place to hang out and eat delicious food, I got to meet the founder of MOMnation and some of the other mamas who were all super lovely and welcoming!!
I have found some wonderful products too all made by these mamas and it makes me proud to be able to support my fellow local moms!
I have never in my life ( and I have been around for a while 🙂 ) met such kind hearted supportive group of women who are uplifting and helpful as I have in this group and look forward to many more events with these mamas.